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PEB (Pre Engineered Buildings)

PEB System offers significant cost and performance advantage over conventional methods. With system construction, each part is engineered and designed to be assembled together. So a Pre-Engineered Building can be built with great speed and precision. Clear span systems with tapered columns and rafters, combined with bypass grits give optimum clear span capabilities. The column free interior space is ideal for Industrial Buildings, Warehouse and Multi Storied Buildings. Modular span systems have all the features of clear span frames. By adding interior column the frame will span greater widths when one, two, or three rows of interior columns are not a hindrance.


Space Frames

A Space Frame is a truss like, lightweight rigid structure constructed from interlocking struts in a geometric pattern. The Main Advantage of Spaceframes over PEB is it utilize a multidirectional span, and are often used to accomplish long spans with few supports. They derive their strength from the inherent rigidity of the triangular frame; flexing loads (bending moments) are transmitted as tension and compression loads along the length of each strut. The space frames are constructed of correlated members and nodes. The members and nodes are connected by high tensile bolts. The size of the members, nodes and high tensile bolts determined from the structural design. Spaceframe building is a new alternative for the Pre Engineered Building Systems. SFBS are extremely rigid and stable when compared to any other existing structural systems. This is widely used in all most all the International Air Terminals. Suitable research and development was made to make this system applicable for Industrial / Institution applications. Its great aesthetic and sturdy appearance make it a good choice for architects and structural engineers to use SFBS in their projects.

The crucial part of architecture is the designing process in which a blue print of the structure is created, as it lays the foundation for a great structures. Creating an architectural structure requires immense creative and innovative skills to prepare a final design.The steel structure requires right analysis, material, construction technologies, and building systems to literally touch new heights. Steel Structures deal with the Design, Detailing, Construction, Maintenance, and Application of science to improve the steel materials. This helps in coming out with a range of exceptional Architectural Structures.


Multi Storeyed Buildings

The use of steel in residential building has grown over the period of time because of the growing appreciation of the performance benefits which is important in urban areas.Steel construction improves the final qualitiy of the building. It is also a lightweight construction system to reduce load on the foundations. The multi-story residential buildings have a larger compatibility of floor grids between the levels making it a key factor in the design solution. Modular construction has achieved a high market share in the construction. A variety of steel building technogies may be used in this sector like structural steel frames,infill walling. floor decking, roofing systems and modular systems.

Building your business can be stressful and time-consuming, but constructing the building for that business shouldn't be stressful and time. consuming, Commercial Steel Buildings can produce the building that you require including the design and price. It is quick to construct in a confined place with easy accessibility. It offers great flexibility,cost effective benefits and can have an exterior to meet your secific requirements.

companies require buildings that are built to high achitectural standards. A strong demand for high quality office space is growing. The dominance of steel in multi storey commericial space is increasing rapidly.

Factor Improvement Economic benefit
Speed of construction 20 to 30% reduction in construction time relative to site-intensive construction,depending on the scale of The economic benefit depends on the business operation. In terms of overall building cost, a saving on time could be achieved.
Site management cost Site management costs are reduced because of the shorter construction period. Site management costs can be reduced by 20 to 30% which can lead to a 3 to 4% savings in terms of overall building cost.
Service integration The integration of services in the structural zone leads to reduction of 100 to 300mm in floor to floor zone. A 5% reduction in floor to floor height can lead to one additional floor in 20.and to a similar reduction in cladding cost, which is equivalent to about 1% in total building cost.
Foundation Steel construction is less than half the weight of an equivalent concrete structure, which is equivalent to a 30% reduction in overall foundation loads. A 30% reduction in foundation loads can lead to asignificant overall saving in terms of construction cost.
Column free space Long span steel construction provides more flexible use of space, which depends on the function of the building and its futre uses. A large column in the middle of the space leads to a loss of space of approximately 1m2, which represents about 1% of the floor area and may lead to an equivalent loss of rental income.

Tensile Membrane Structures

Tensile Membrane Structure is one of the hottest topics in the construction industry focusing on large industries, stadiums and shopping malls. These tensile structures are mostly preferred for these enviroments, because of the fact that the membrane has this unique flexibel characteristic that allows to create any kind of shape or design to create an iconic structure and design to cover large areas and spaces.


Low Maintenance

One of the main advantages of tensile structures is that they require very little maintenance when compared to other conventional buildings.


Unlike other building that provides only a roof to cover from the sunlight and rain, high tensile structures go a step above to provide diffused sunlight ot cut on lighting costs in the daytime, which can be a huge bonus for large spaces like shopping malls etc.

Highly Durable

Tensile structures are widely regarded for their durability and it has been well proven for their longevity in extreme conditions right from the sweltering desert heat to extreme arctiv conditions.


The lightweight characteristic of the membrane materials helps in using only less amound of structural steel when compared to other building structures.

Code Compliance

All types of tensile membrane materials meet every kind of building codes and regulations.

Many varieties to choose from

Based on the requirement and project design, there are many varieties of tensile membranes to choose from like PRFE fiberglass, PVC, ETFE film and ePTFE.

Earthquake Resisitent

Carrying only lesser building load than other conventional roofing structures combined with the elasticity characteristic of the membrane materials,it offers excellent earthquake resistance capabilities.


"Innovation - any new idea - by definition will not be accepted at first. It takes repeated attempts,endless demonstrations, monotonous rehearsals before innovation can be accepted and internalized. This requires courageous patience."


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