Tensile Membrane Structures

Tensile Membrane Structure is one of the hottest topics in the construction industry focusing on large industries, stadiums and shopping malls. These tensile structures are mostly preferred for these environments, because of the fact that the membrane has this unique flexibel characteristic that allows to create any kind of shape or design to create an iconic structure and design to cover large areas and spaces.


One of the main advantages of tensile structures is that they require very little maintenance when compared to other conventional buildings.

Unlike other building that provides only a roof to cover from the sunlight and rain, high tensile structures go a step above to provide diffused sunlight ot cut on lighting costs in the daytime, which can be a huge bonus for large spaces like shopping malls etc.

Tensile structures are widely regarded for their durability and it has been well proven for their longevity in extreme conditions right from the sweltering desert heat to extreme arctic conditions.

All types of tensile membrane materials meet every kind of building codes and regulations.


The lightweight characteristic of the membrane materials helps in using only less amount of structural steel when compared to other building structures.

Carrying only lesser building load than other conventional roofing structures combined with the elasticity characteristic of the membrane materials, it offers excellent earthquake resistance capabilities.

Based on the requirement and project design, there are many varieties of tensile membranes to choose from like PRFE fiberglass, PVC, ETFE film and ePTFE.


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