Commercial Buildings using Steel Construction – Mr.Rasheed

The Construction Industry is witnessing a shift towards Steel Buildings for the construction of Commercial Office Spaces. The main reason is time and money saved. This method of construction has been used the world over and India is an early adopter. In the past year, numerous Projects were confirmed for Commercial Building using Steel in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. When discussing with the Client, his perspective of steel building is “the recyclable value of steel and that too the steep increase in the cost of steel is worth a buy just like investing in gold and the money is in the building and the value always goes up over the years”. Mr. Sylesh of Pragnom Designs, Cochin is the Chief Structural Engineer for this Project. This project is executed in the heart of Cochin City and the installation of the Steel Building was completed in less than 2 weeks. Decking Sheets for the floor and AAC Blocks for walls were used. These Buildings are Designed to take up Seismic loads of up to 6 in the rector scale and to last a minimum of 50 Years with periodic maintenance.